The Forest Temple

The Forest Temple is first version of fireboy and watergirl game. In this version, you have to explore the forest temple and search for diamonds. Both the fire boy and the water girl have to collect their diamonds. Fireboy can pick red diamonds, and watergirl can pick the blue diamonds.

This version can be played alone by a single player, or two players together. The goal is to collect maximum diamonds and reach the exit doors. There are separate doors for fire boy and water girl, and both of them have to go in front of their doors to complete the level.

fireboy watergirl version 1

While playing, you have to be careful so that the fire-boy does not get into the water, and the water-girl stays away from fire, otherwise they will die and you will have to start the level again.

“The Forest Temple” (also known as jungle temple) is full of adventure where the red boy (fireboy) and blue girl (watergirl) have to walk through and cross different hurdles in the level by helping each other. For example, there are some movable elements that move when one player pushes a lever, or even have to stand still on a button to hold the element on appropriate position so that the other character can jump across and reach to it’s exist door.

So if you are searching for the forest temple at cool math games, crazy games or y8, stop searching any further, and visit where you can play this version for free. If you want to play the ice temple, you can also play that and even more games in this same website. We have provided html5 version of the forest temple, and there is no blocked content, and this game is unblocked on all devices, so you are free to play on desktop or a mobile device.

This version is also called “The fireboy and watergirl in the forest temple”. Some levels are full of darkness, which are called the dark temple or black temple. So if you are looking for forest temple 2, or 3, you are on the right place. Click here, and start the adventure. Again, is dedicated website where you can enjoy playing all versions of the fireboy and the water girl.