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Welcome to This website is dedicated to the world famous Fireboy and Watergirl game which is originally developed by agame and free to play online. This is an adventure game and can be played by single player or two players (multiplayer).

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Game Description:

“Fireboy and watergirl” is an adventure game that was initially built in Macromedia/Adobe Flash, and then converted to HTML5 to support all devices. You can play this game on a single computer, and either one or two players can play. All you have to do is control two characters (the red boy and blue girl).

Game Story

The fire boy & water girl have to collect diamonds, cross hurdles and help each other where needed and finally reach the exist doors. The fire boy can collect red diamonds, and cross the fires. The water girl can collect blue diamonds, and can cross the water areas. Both of them can pick the grey diamond, push a lever, or press and hold a button.

How to play fireboy and watergirl?

Here are the fire boy and water girl game rules:

  • Use arrow keys (Left, Right and Up) to control the fireboy.
  • A-W-D keys to move the watergirl.
  • Fireboy can cross fire fields (red) but not water fields.
  • Watergirl can cross water fields (blue) but not fire fields.
  • Both fire boy and watergirl can not cross the green field, and have to jump over to cross them.
  • Collect blue and red diamonds, push levers where required, press buttons when needed to help each other and reach the exit door.
  • Both fire boy and water girl have to reach their relative exit doors to complete the level.

This game is easier to play with two players, but even one player can play it by controlling both characters. Initial levels are easy to play, but as you progress, the levels get harder, and there are some levels with darkness which are the hardest levels. If you need help in any level, just contact us, and we’ll advise further.


Both players have to help each others and reach the exit doors and also collect their diamonds scattered on different places in the levels. The fireboy can cross fires, and cannot cross waters, and similarly the watergirl can cross water but not the fire fields. So if there is a diamond in fire, only fireboy can collect it. Also the diamonds color help identify who have to pick it i.e. the red diamonds for the fire boy and blue diamonds for the water girl.

Game Objects:

There are different elements in the game. Some of them are friendly elements, and others are enemies. Here is list of some common elements:

fire fieldFire fieldThis field is friendly with fireboy but hurts watergirl.
water fieldWater FieldWatergirl can cross the water field, but fireboy has to jump over to cross it.
green gooGreen GooGreen Goo hurts both fire boy and water girl. Both players have to cross it by jumping over.
leverLeverThe lever can be pushed several times to move the nearest object that can be a hurdle, or a lift or place to climb up.
push buttonButtonThe button also controls movable objects, but either fireboy or watergirl have to stay over it in order to change the object state.
moveable objectMovable objectThis is the object that can be controlled using Lever or Button.
hanging supportHanging SupportThis element may rotate as per your landing position, therefore you have to jump quickly to the next safe point.

Versions of Fireboy and Watergirl:

There are different version of this video game, each one having new worlds and challenging levels. Each version if full of adventure and puzzle. Here is list of fireboy and water girl game versions (jogos):

  1. The Forest Temple
  2. The Light Temple
  3. The Ice Temple
  4. The Crystal Temple
  5. Elements

You can play all versions (juegos) of fireboy & watergirl at on your computer, mobile or tablet. All games are free to play, and there is no hell of advertisements but just rare ones to support the game developers.

fireboy and watergirl

Where can I play fireboy and watergirl?

Well, there are many online gaming websites like friv, poki, best games, y8, crazy games and cool math games etc. where you can play fireboy vs watergirl games, however at, you can play all versions without adobe flash. There is no blocked version of this game, all version are free to play. So, keep playing, complete levels to unlock next levels. Each level is full of adventure and puzzle, use your brain to solve the mysteries.

The earth boy, green boy, blue boy or grass boy, all of them are basically the fireboy, so if you are searching for those terms, then you are on the right destination, and ready to enjoy playing this adventurous game series. You can play this game on any screen size, bigger or smaller, no worries! It will work on all devices. So play alone, or with your friends.

System Support:

There is no major requirement to play fireboy with watergirl. It can be played on Windows 7, 8, and 10. However we recommend using a modern browser that supports html5 so that you don’t face any issues. You can also play this game on a Mac book.

If you want to play in full screen mode, just press F11, and your browser will switch to full screen mode and you can then play in bigger screen size. We have provided all versions in html5, and you don’t need to install flash player to play the game.